Faux Four-Post Bed

If you have a bedroom that needs a little touch to make the room complete, this is definitely a project worth looking into. As a kid, I always loved the thought of a 4-post bed — there’s something princess-y about it I guess. So now, instead of a princess, you can feel like a queen in your castle! 

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faux four post bed

BEFORE: I love my sister-in-law’s room…the color scheme is so HER, and everything meshes so well. However, as soon as I thought of doing this project, I thought of her because I felt that it would add a element of romance and maturity to her space..

faux four post bed


  • (3) 1/2″ PVC pipes (I would normally purchase 8′ pipes but my Home Depot only had 10′ so that’s what I went with.)
  • (2) 1/2″ PVC elbows (My original thought was to have 4 sides, thus, I needed 4 pipes and 4 elbows; however, Rob advised that I should just do 3 sides, therefore only needing 3 pipes and 2 elbows.)
  • 3/4″ conduit clamps (I only needed 7 but it was cheaper to get a contractor’s bag of 20.)
  • Burnished Amber spray paint (I wanted the pipes to look like legit pipes so I chose this finish.)
  • rough grit sandpaper
  • Measuring tape
  • Miter saw (you can have HD or Lowe’s cut the pipes for you if you don’t have a miter saw)
  • (4) 2-packs of 108″ x 84″ white curtain panels
  • pencil

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